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The code is also uploaded on GitHub to allow contributions, fixes and further development. You can also download the code from: https://github.com/dEskoG/rDUINOScope

#rDUINOScope Controller
#rDUINOScope controller software download I have recently created a C# based software to control rDUINOScope. Although with v2.1 rDUINOScope works with Stellarium, I needed a software to read current environment variables and select objects to view.
The most important feature for me was to be able to select best objects available at this moment, suitable for my telescope and additionally been able to export Observation session data.

Application features:
  • Communication over BlueTooth (wire free set-up);
  • Full NGC catalogue with filtering options to only show Stellar Objects suitable for my telescope optics;
  • Preview of the selected object as it should look in my tube;
  • Some useful telescope calculations like: FOV, Magnification and etc.
  • Stellar objects type separation: Open or Globular Clusters, Galaxies, Planetary or Emission Nebulae and etc.
  • GoTo capabilities.

  • I'll be including some sample explanations of how it works later on, but for now you can use the software as is and enjoy your observation sessions with rDUINOScope.

    NB: Please note that the extension of the file is renamed to "._xe" as there are some limitation to the hosting solution I'm using. Once you donwload the file, you need to rename it to ".exe"!

    DOWNLOAD #rDUINOScope Controller Application (~4 MB)

    Downloaded #945 times since 16 May 2016

    rDUINOScope v2.1 Boiana EQ - DOWNLOAD THE COMPLETE PACKAGE as .Zpack (this is a ZIP file).
    Once you download the file, please rename it so that the extension becomes .ZIP!
    .... and don't forget to check the file with your anti virus software!

    _02_Boiana_EQ - Main File v2.1;
    Regular Updates

    messier.csv - Messier's Catalogue
    treasure.csv - Hidden Treasures Catalogue
    GearsCalculation.xlsx - Use this XLS file to calculate your reduction and basically test how your set-up will work.