Hello and Welcome,
You are probably here because you've searched for ARDUINO | TELESCOPE Control | GOTO System .... ? Well, to be honest I did the same search while ago and it didn't returned any valuable results. Thus I decided to build this one and make it FREE for All.

rDUINO SCOPE is Arduino Due based Telescope control system (a.k.a. GoTo). Basically it have a database with stellar objects, calculates their position on the sky and point's the telescope. Once the object is in the eyepiece, the system keeps tracking the object. To do so, rDUINO Scope uses GPS data, Current Time & Date, Time Zone and last but not least the Object's coordinates toward J2000.

The system works with stepper motors of all types and even works with the some commercially available products like SkyWatcher, MEADE, Orion, Vixen and etc.

The code is ready for Download!
Please, note that the code is still not 100% tested, so changes are possible.

What's inside the rDUINO SCOPE:
  • Arduino DUE with TFT Touch Screen (240 x 400 px);
  • RTC DS3231;
  • GPS uBlox Neo 6M;
  • PS2 joystick;
  • Temperature & Humidity sensor DHT22;
  • Bluetooth module HC-05;
  • Stepper motor drivers DRV8825.

  • Complete DB with Messier Objects and Hidden Treasures;
  • Calculates location and control the telescope according the hemisphere;
  • Calculates the LST and HA of an object and points the telescope;
  • Sidereal tracking & Meridian Flip within tracking;
  • Log observational information like:
    Location, observed objects, environment temperature & humidity, duration of observation, altitude of object, sample object details like size, visible magnitude distance;
  • BlueTooth connection and control;
  • Complete NGC & IC catalogue vie Bluetooth;
  • Multi speed manual control with Joystick;
  • Day/Night mode of operation;
  • Gives RA & DEC after manual move - suitable when you need to find out current coordinates, so later compare with the star atlas;
  • ... and many other small geeks which I consider useful :)

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    Arduino Telescope GoTo System - completed design

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